Sashikanth R Chintla

Sashikanth R Chintla

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A picture is worth a 1000 words and capturing such pictures is my passion. My name is Sashikanth Reddy and I am an IT Consultant by profession and photography is my salvation. My latest landscape picture has been selected as the 32 most astonishing pictures by the “World Photography Association” submitted for Sony world competition for the year 2014. It named it as the “Sanctity in Solitude”. Apart from capturing the beauty of nature I have realized that capturing personal moments can be an equally challenging and exhilarating experience for a photographer because it’s not only capturing the correct moment but making the photographed comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera

Being in a reputed IT firm at a senior position has taught me the invaluable art of dealing with the educated class of the society and blending into family occasions and capturing the magical moments. I currently capture all the corporate events for my company such as : Landscaping of our new office opening around North America, Annual 5K run, The San Francisco Marathon. I have also been invited by my colleagues for capturing their personal events and portrait’s.

With experience and a wealth of knowledge and experience, I now wish to venture into providing my photography skills as services to corporates and individuals. My strengths are in capturing Landscape, Architecture, Portraits, Maternity and Nightscapes. For corporates and small and medium size businesses my services also extend to cover page creation along with creating captioning.

Having a full time job requires me to plan well in advance, I typically need 15 days as advance notice and my typical turnaround time for pictures is 10days. My website will give you an idea of my work. I invite corporates and individuals to reach through the contact form or email me at and my hand phone 732-492-4180.