Sashikanth Chintla

Sashikanth Chintla

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Photographs are the stories you can't put into words. The sights you can't describe. The places you can't imagine. The things you thought were just a fantasy. It's just something short of magic. . . There's just something about capturing precious moments that makes you feel as though it't just you and your camera and nothing else matters.

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Sashikanth Chintla and photography is one of my greatest passions.  As an IT Consultant by profession, photography has always been my liberation from a busy life. During my frequent travels, I often spare some time to visit captivating locations and photograph them to create enrapturing works of art.  Apart from capturing the beauty of nature, I also enjoy photographing personal moments that are as natural as possible. 

With several years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, I am looking to venture into providing my photography skills as services to corporates and individuals. My strengths include capturing Landscapes, Architecture, Portraits, Maternity shots, and Nightscapes. For corporates and small to medium size businesses, my services extend to cover page creation as well as creative captioning.


Please be aware that having a full time job requires me to plan well in advance. I typically need 15 days notice before the event or shoot and my usual return time for pictures is 10 days. Have a look through my website to get an idea of my work. Feel free  to contact me through email at or call 732-492-4180.