Finding solace in solitude introduces you to the concept of play with light & shadow and time & motion, bringing to life the beautiful wilderness of the North America. Starting with the beautiful ranges of Calgary giving a sense of magnanimity and piece and the serenity of the Palouse falls giving the sense of fluidity one needs in life.

With the myriad of pictures it is the artists attempt at capturing the lessons nature teaches us every day; thatno matter what, we all are gifted this beautiful sunshine bursting every morning and the lone tree which rages on so that it can provide shade to the needful. The beautiful shades of light in the night sky gives us the hope that if we look close enough there is beauty in the gallows of darkness.

With the flowing river and the floating clouds it is the artist’s attempt, to bring to life that- it is the continuum of small events and time stamps which culminates into a beautiful picture edging itself in memory forever. 

So cherish every moment in life